How did SUNN come to be? 

We started Four Innovation in 2009 to understand, localize and map innovation ecosystems around the world. Large corporations hired us to scout for disruptive startups. We eventually closed more than 15 deals connecting startups and corporations. 

However, we were concerned about our messy innovation world. It took too much money and time for companies to find innovation and the world's inventors were alone. This problem thesis gave name to SUNN's slogan "Discover the Unknown".

Open Innovation: we realized that disruptive innovation grew within ecosystems, but across industries and geographies. 

We identified 5 innovation ecosystems: life sciences, information technologies, advanced materials, clean-tech and energy. 

Driven by mass collaboration, we started to understand Open Innovation. Next step: we wanted to make it intelligent, fast and affordable. 

So, we turned our experience and knowledge into an interactive innovation radar. The goal: to create the most powerful matchmaking tool to connect all innovators. 

We want to connect the world's innovation communities and have SUNN be the Open Innovation brain. 

So more inventors find people and companies who are willing to turn their ideas into reality. 

The future of Open Innovation is here. Carlos Marquerie, CEO at SUNN. 

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