Dat Studio is currently invitation-only



With reliable wifi, unlimited coffee,  and a conference room, there’s every reason to be productive.

Prime Location

27 School St. -- in the heart of Downtown Boston.

Affordable to All

Only $50/month to enjoy the office, new friends, and advantages of the Dat Ventures community.


The People

Dat Studio's members include a network of startup enthusiasts, including entrepreneurs (both foreign and local CEOs), investors, engineers, designers, lawyers, and others. We are all passionate about what we do, and value the opportunity of working alongside others who share similar intellectual values.


“Cooley shares Dat’s passion for accelerating companies to the next stage of growth. We are excited to combine our expertise and ecosystem in the emerging company market with Dat’s understanding and talent for bringing foreign companies to the U.S.”

Lester Fagen, Partner at Cooley LLP


About Membership

Members pay $50/month to access an open co-working space, and be part of a unique community of innovators.

We find the co-working space to be particularly valuable to:

  • Individuals who don't need an everyday Downtown Boston office, but who come into the city 2-3 days a week.
  • Those who already have Downtown office, but would like an alternative space where they can grab a coffee, take a break, change working locations, or organize a meeting in a convenient area.
  • Entrepreneurs who are just moving into Boston, and want to get to know the city and meet new people.

Social Impact

50% of collected memberships are donated to the Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation. Specifically, Dat Ventures is helping the foundation launch Richi Social Entrepreneurs, a program through which we will mentor health-related startups, while re-investing the profits in cancer research.

Networking and other Perks

While this is an invitation-only community, Dat Ventures is surrounded by a select group of partners and like-minded people with whom we collaborate.  We utilize private Slack and LinkedIn groups to share information and help each other. If you would like to learn more about our network, drop us a line. 

As part of Dat Studio, we plan on running a healthy dose of events, including:

  • Quarterly open bar networking events with the Secret Society.
  • Coding bootcamps with CodeUndercover.
  • Design-Thinking workshops with THE MEME.
  • Fundraising strategy with Cooley. 

Members are welcome to organize their own Meetups, workshops, or bootcamps on the weekends. 


"Dat Studio is like my startup's living room"

Phil Greenwald, Founder & CEO at Code Undercover